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Why Attend LED CHINA Online 2023?

Connect with The LED Community in China Anytime Anywhere @ Zero Cost.

LED CHINA, an exhibition with 20-year history, presenting trustworthy manufacturers.

It gathers Industry trend and information of the China market

It accesses you to numerous industry factories, helps you get factory prices.

It helps you get to know the factories better, before you order from them or travel far away to visit them in person

No Travelling, Zero Cost

What Can You Do at Exhibitor Online Stores?

1000+ Exhibitor Stores Online

  • Check the list of Industry-leading Factories

  • Trending Products & Their Market Prices in China

  • Compare all models by organized information

  • Factory/Product Live Tours

  • Real-Time Chatting

  • Factory-Direct Prices

What Products You Can Find Here?

  • LED Displays

    LED displays for various application fields

    Fine Pitch/Transparent/Customized-Shape/Advertising/Rental/Stage/Interactive floor-displays,video wall. Video Control System, Software, LED power supply, LED packing, and related accessories.

  • Digital Signage

    All Kinds of kiosk, interactive touch screen, advisement players, Smart Terminals, order machine, Self-help service machine, face recognition, Intelligent meeting tablet, Commercial TV, LCD Panels, Large Format Interactive Screen, OLED, Mini-LED, Interactive Whiteboard (IWB), Laser Projector, 3D Hologram, AR/VR, Photoelectric Material

  • Commercial Lighting

    Architectural Lighting, LED Advertising Illuminant, Neon, Residential lighting, Office lighting, Store lighting, Factory lighting, Street lighting/security lighting, Exterior lighting, Stage and studio lighting, lighting control equipment, Dimmers, LED modules for lighting, LED bulbs, Straight tube LEDs, Fluorescent lamps, CCFL, OLED light, LED chips, Primary LED materials, Packaging materials, Power Supply

  • System Integration

    AV Integrated System, Video Conferencing, Public Broadcasting, Stage Systems, Audio, and sound solution, multimedia, Projection

  • Staging

    LED rental screen, Stage Lighting, Loudspeakers, Lighting Control Console, Laser and System, Wire, Connectors and Accessories, Truss and Hanging Device

  • Sign Displays

    Exterior Signage, Light Box, Signboard, Display Equipment, Retail Design & POP, Laser Cutting, Engraving, CNC Routers, Digital Printing, Screen Printing, Sign Production Equipment, Sign Substrates


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