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Indoor Building Signs: Which Materials Should You Use?

The options for indoor building signage seem truly limitless. Custom messaging, shapes, colors, and sizes – with all of these design factors to consider, it’s easy to lose track of the bigger picture. As you’d expect, the discussion about what your sign will actually consist of often gets lost in

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On Site Real-time Control Digital signage Via Mobile

QL Mobile is Navori’s localized content management tool that runs on smartphones and tablets. The software is HTML5-based so there is no local app to install. Simply point the device’s web browser to the QL Mobile URL and you are ready to go. QL Mobile is compatible with all mobile

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What can digital signage do?

It might be easier to ask, “what can’t digital signage do”, because there isn’t much you can’t achieve with digital signage. In this article Signage expo will investigate what digital signage can do for you today, and what you can expect in the future. Digital signage is the ideal communication

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