What is the value of intelligent retail?

What is the difference between intelligent retail and traditional retail? In the simplest words, intelligent retail is a revolutionary change in circulation channels, traditional retail is B2C, and intelligent retail is C2B. Returning to the essence of retail, the core is to do a good job in the service of people. Intelligent retail has four advantages in this respect, and it is also its main value point:

1. Intelligent retailing understands the hearts of consumers better.

Intelligent Retail obtains consumer data through multi-dimensional analysis, which can fully understand consumers' price commitment level, consumer preferences and purchase characteristics (frequency, customer unit price, etc.). In a sense, as long as the data is objective and true, intelligent retailing may even know his own heart better than consumers.

2. Intelligent retail can realize sales transformation more efficiently.

Once Smart Retail has mastered the pain point, rigid demand, potential demand and price commitment level of consumers, it can efficiently realize the sales transformation by recommending the most suitable product combination to consumers, which is completely different from the thinking of traditional retail enterprises and so on.

Shenzhen, as the leading city of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, China's innovation center, the world's largest retail equipment and the electronic industry distribution center, has created a new retail industry event, which greatly facilitated the buyer to visit the factory after the exhibition, and to reach a high-efficiency purchase after the pre-store factory. At the same time, Shenzhen has become a black horse in the new retail market by virtue of its concentrated entrepreneurial talents, the young consumer group, the vigorous consumption potential and the good market layout, and drives the big-bay urban agglomeration to embrace the new retail.The Shenzhen International Retail Technology and Design Exhibition will be held at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center in 2020.2.24-26. The Shenzhen International Retail Technology and Design Exhibition will hand in hand with a high-quality enterprise in the industry, embrace the development of the industry, and win the traditional retail trend New retail industry upgrading new opportunities!