Where is the way to offline stores in the new retail era?

With the development of big data, the Internet has the ability to give a comprehensive insight into "people", and then affect the definition of arrival and the choice of the market. However, as the bulk of retail, offline stores are unable to do so because of the lack of big data ability.

There is no doubt that physical stores need to be transformed, such as low passenger flow, high cost, thin profits, and physical stores in, and all industries are in dire straits. Why is it more and more difficult for physical stores to operate? Because the times have changed, the business environment has changed. For example, we choose to eat in a restaurant, usually in the nearest principle or in a place we are familiar with. Now, the first reaction is to take out the mobile phone, search nearby businesses, look at other people's comments, and finally decide which one to go.

In other words, the customer has completed the choice before passing through your store, the store is no longer the main drainage place, and the competition between the store and the store has been transferred from offline to online. For physical stores, the new retail is the new business thinking and business methods in the context of the mobile Internet!

The profit period of physical stores comes from the business environment in which the channel is king. In the age of no Internet, the circulation of goods mainly depends on channels, and the acquisition of traffic can only rely on offline stores. Therefore, in previous years, the business giants are store kings, such as SUNING, Gome, Li Ning, seven wolves and so on. A physical store is a channel, which can cover a few kilometers of consumers around, so the past physical stores are waiting for customers to come to the door.

In the business environment of the mobile Internet era, the source of traffic has been transferred from offline to online, the channels have been fragmented, everyone is the channel, and everyone's circle of friends is a natural channel. So simply relying on the store can no longer bring passenger flow, sitting waiting for customers is undoubtedly sitting waiting to die, therefore physical stores must have their own drainage channels.

Shenzhen, as the leading city of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, China's innovation center, the world's largest retail equipment and the electronic industry distribution center, has created a new retail industry event, which greatly facilitated the buyer to visit the factory after the exhibition, and to reach a high-efficiency purchase after the pre-store factory. At the same time, Shenzhen has become a black horse in the new retail market by virtue of its concentrated entrepreneurial talents, the young consumer group, the vigorous consumption potential and the good market layout, and drives the big-bay urban agglomeration to embrace the new retail.The Shenzhen International Retail Technology and Design Exhibition will be held at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center in 2020.2.24-26. The Shenzhen International Retail Technology and Design Exhibition will hand in hand with a high-quality enterprise in the industry, embrace the development of the industry, and win the traditional retail trend New retail industry upgrading new opportunities!